Westwood Hills HOA

Welcome to Westwood Hills! Located southwest of downtown Spokane, our neighborhood enjoys close access to the city, airport, and trails alike. Just a half mile from the Trolley Trail, we regularly get moose that wander into our neighborhood during the winter and fall months. We are part of the larger Grandview/Thorpe neighborhood and within city limits. On this website, you can find all our governing documents, how to get in touch with a board member or ACC member, and the date of our next neighborhood event. 

Upcoming Events

Annual Neighborhood Block Party BBQ

August 2024

Annual Membership Meeting

September 2024

Neighborhood Info

Each homeowner is required to pay $230 a month in dues. For this money, you get water and sewer; snow removal from the street; front lawn maintenance; maintenance of all common areas, front pond and gates; garbage and recycling. Dues should be deposited electronically by the 10th of each month. After the 10th of each month, a late fee of $15 will occur. 

Garbage/recycling/green bins are picked up on Friday mornings. 

Snow removal 23-24 and lawn maintenance for 2024 will be performed by Automated Lawn & Pest, LLC.  

Stay in touch with the Westwood Hills neighborhood on Facebook.

Board Members

Get in touch with a board member at: wwhboardspokane@gmail.com

ACC Committee Members

Get in touch with an ACC Member via: wwhboardspokane@gmail.com